Vossen Japan Owners Meet

Imagine over sixty Vossen equipped cars at a single show, heads turning at the sight of flawless creations. Such it was at the owners meet in Japan. Held in the historical city of Hamamatsu—just north of the Pacific Ocean—the event was beyond packed. Towering mountains and tall, bare-leaved trees surrounded guests and attendees. All sorts of breathtaking cars lined the streets, with pre-appointed parking spots set for customers and dealers, respectively. Despite the immense turnout, people were civilized and genuinely excited to be there. Cars were shiny, newly detailed, and ready to be photographed and admired by Japan’s automotive community.

We felt the excitement as soon as we arrived. Booths were up everywhere and, as always, we showed up with goodies and exclusive Vossen World Tour Japan tees. We decided to provide lunch and refreshments as a gesture of our appreciation. It was amazing to hear the stories of supporters who had driven hours just to meet and mingle with our team. Despite the obvious language barrier, we were all united by our love and passion for automotive culture.

Vossen owners rocking their World Tour T-shirts!

Cold, beautiful day in Japan

Toyota Alphard Lexus GS – Air Runner Lexon

Estefania Serrano wearing her new Vossen Pom Beanie

370Z Nismo – Vossen CV-T

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Konnichiwa – Vossen World Tour: Japan

The Tokyo Auto Salon exceeded even our expectations. Featuring some of the most incredible vehicles, this event is like no other. From Japanese to European and American cars, there is something for every taste and preference. While there, we had the opportunity to stay in the city of Chiba, about 25 miles southeast of Tokyo, where the show was being held. As expected, the event was packed, almost overwhelmingly so. The energy in the room was thick and, like always, we were ready to meet supporters and the crowds that gathered at the Mondera Japan | Vossen booth. Our beautiful Miami model, Estefania Serrano, helped man our station, her friendly personality and demeanor playing an instrumental role. We had the Vossen Precision Series on display along with our Flow Form Series, which debuts later this month. There was so much love and respect in the room as fans complimented our design and overall setup. We could not have imagined a better way to start the tour.

Tokyo Auto Salon 2014

Audi R8 GT – Hamana

Vossen Models – Lexus 3IS – Skipper

Lexus Racing Display

Huge thanks to Mondera Japan

Audi S7

Old School

Vossen Precision Series

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Live from Tokyo

What a remarkable week it has been in Japan for the first Vossen World Tour of 2014! We traveled across multiple cities in Japan spending time with fans and friends and of course our gracious host Yuki, owner of Mondera Japan, our Japanese Distributor. Memory cards are full from pictures and videos that need editing and so are our stomaches from eating so many various delightful Japanese foods. Highlights are representing at the Tokyo Auto Salon, the first Vossen Owners Meet in Japan Monday,  visiting Mondera Japan’s beautiful facility, spending time with Lexon Exclusive,  a personal tour given by Lexus to “Intersect’, L-Select and Museums and a fun filled day Friday with the Hamana Crew in “Little Old Tokyo” featuring one of the hottest R8 V-10′s on the planet. We engaged ourselves in the Japanese Culture, taking time to visit  some beautiful historic temples as well as spending time in some of the sizzling districts in Tokyo.

Very exciting content coming soon from us here at Vossen showcasing our friends in Japan as we conclude our first World Tour of the new year. To stay engaged with our daily activities while in Japan and to see some Behind the Scenes media, be sure to follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and our other various media outlets!

Audi R8 GT – Vossen Precision Series

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“Full Throttle” With The Vossen C63 AMG Black Series

2013 Mercedes Benz C63 Black Series “Track Pack” is one of the faces of the Vossen Precison Series line of lightweight Forged Wheels.

The “Black Series” C63 has been painted “Matte Black” from the factory, and it simply looks sinister from the front and any angle you view. The AMG Aerodynamics “Track” package also adds a functionally tuned front splitter, adjustable carbon-fiber rear wing, carbon fiber accents and the rear seat delete.

In addition to the “track Pack” we designed and manufactured a complete set of Vossen Precision Series Forged Wheels specifically for this AMG beast.

This AMG package makes 510 hp at 6800 rpm and 457 lb-ft at 5200. Not bad for borrowing the internals from the SLS AMG. The symphony from the 6.3 liter V8 is unreal.

VPS Forged Lightweight Concave 15 Spoke design

Streets of Downtown Miami “Brickell” taken over

Main Feature:
Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series “Track Pack”

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Tomorrow: The Vossen C63 AMG Black Series Rises

It’s going to be a Dark Knight… The Vossen Precision Series C63 AMG Black Series will rise tomorrow. Make sure to tune into the Vossen YouTube Channel for the full video. Here is a teaser for now.

Teaser Clip

Releasing great footage of the incredible Mercedes-Benz Black Series

Vossen Precision Series wheels in action in the streets of Downtown Miami

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Custom Vossen CV3s by Wheels Specialist: Gorgeous ML 63 AMG

This stunning Mercedes-Benz ML 63 is not the average SUV. This beast of an AMG is powered by Mercedes Bi-Turbo engine creating over 500HP and sitting viciously on Vossen CV3′s custom painted for a more enjoyable everyday experience. This AMG is fitted with 22×10.5 all around and dropped low for a more aggressive appearance. AMG/Vossen equipped vehicles never disappoint. Thanks again to Wheels Specialist! Click any photo to see more of this amazing AMG beast!

The perfect SUV

Impressive performance with it’s Bi-Turbo power

German muscle

Beautiful stance

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Vossen Wishes You A Happy Holidays!

2013 has truly been next level. We want to take a moment to say Happy Holidays and thank everyone for their constant support. We are always inspired by the feedback and the love you show us. We hope that you all have an incredible time celebrating life with friends and family. Be sure to look back on this year’s accomplishments and the lessons you learned. Set new goals and dream new dreams. Much respect to everyone from Team Vossen. On to the next one.

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Vossen takes Japan in January 2014

Vossen opens the new year with another World Tour: Japan. The dates are from 1/10-1/18. A huge thanks to Mondera Japan Inc. @vossen_japan. We will have Vossen giveaways and the beautiful model, Estefania Serrano at our booth. The events we will attend include Tokyo Auto Salon, and our very own Vossen Owners Meet. Throughout the trip, we will capture amazing videos, photography and live blogging footage to share with everyone! Be sure to follow our Instagram account @vossen for daily updates of the World Tour: Japan.

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The Magnificent 2014 Mercedes Benz S63 | Vossen 22″ CVT

The 2014 Mercedes Benz S63 AMG has recently landed on our shores and it is  one of the most sought vehicles today. For those that have been fortunate enough to view it in person, the flowing lines of the standard S-class have been enhanced by a larger, lower air damn and other AMG accents to let the world know that this is not your average S-class. The subtle side V-8 badges and 5.5 liter AMG bi-turbo V-8 growl are also hints that this is a special beast. This car features the AMG Adaptive Sport Suspension which adjusts the standard AIRMATIC suspension. The AMG wheels are 20×8.5 up front and 20×9.5 in the rear wearing 255/40/20 and 285/25/20 tires.

For those that want to turn the 2014 S63 into a masterpiece, look no further than adding the directional ground-breaking 22″ CVT wheel from Vossen.

We debuted our latest Monoblock CV wheel in late September with its own micro-site and an industry ground breaking video release schedule, where a new video debuted everyday for two weeks. Featuring a true directional design with four separate molds which enables the driver or passenger side to twist in the same or opposite directions. The CV-T seems destined to fit on the S63.

Our internal design team doesn’t create a wheel design based on influences, but on formulas and harmony including an extensive process reviewing even car designs. There is even more to discuss in regards to our design process but let’s move on to how the CV-T perfectly works with the design of the incredible S63. From the front view, the thin spoke’s of the CV-T of course give those large AMG brakes a proper setting to be showcased. The multi-spokes add some tension to the front angle since it has large open air intakes, yet it blends with the LED light strip in the headlight.

Measuring 22×9 in front and 22×10.5 in the rear, the CV-T adds a larger footprint without straying too far from the factory specs so you can enjoy the benefits of a more finished overall design, better performance while not being overbearing. While the 20″ stock wheels are fine for most, notice how the beautiful W222 design comes into its own with the 22′ CV-T. The exclusive metallic gloss silver finish matches the silver finish around the windows and lower front, rear, and side valances of the S63. This combination makes an even rarer vehicle more exclusive.

Once again you can see the cohesiveness of the CV-T with the S63 by noting how the spokes of the CV-T also work with the LED horizontal taillights. The CV-T continues the Vossen trademark Concave theme and with the directional design it stands out boldly without shouting. The quad exhausts mean business and this vehicle now has wider 295/30/20 inch tires in the rear. Once again the sliver accents of the S63 match the metallic gloss silver of the CV-T.

Enjoy the full gallery of this one of a kind S63 by clicking the link and we thank and recommend Exclusive Motoring for your Vossen needs as they are an authorized Vossen dealer in the Miami, Florida area.

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Lady Driven Audi RS5 “Beauty and the Beast”

Featured in Moscow is this gorgeous lady driven Audi RS5 on Silver Polished Vossen CV4s, 20×10.5 all around, laid out with Accuair Air Suspension. You can follow the beautiful @diamondks on Instagram to see more of her pride and joy. Big thank you to Airsociety for the awesome feature! See more at www.Airsociety.net Click any photo to view the full size image.

Beauty and the Beast

Silver Polished Vossen CV4′s

Accuair Managed

Lady Driven in Russia

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Vossen CV-T & Tesla Model S

Tesla’s extraordinary Model S is a beautiful modern design. We were very excited to see how the all new 22×9/22×10.5 staggered Vossen CV-T’s flowed with the high performance P-85 model, and all expectations were exceeded. Tesla is one of the hottest cars at the moment, and we were the first to feature a modified Model S, first, the wrapped matte blue on CV1′s, then the other black Tesla on CV4′s. Here is the latest shoot of a Tesla on our new CV-T Wheels. Click any picture to view the entire gallery!

The Vossen CV-T compliments the Tesla Model S beautifully

A new direction with the P-85

Staggered 22″ Fitments now available for your Model S

Tesla has an extraordinary design

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Ultimate Auto Orlando | CLS 550

These photos of the stunning Mercedes-Benz CLS 550 on the all new Vossen CV-T wheels was sent to us by our good friend Joseph at Ultimate Auto. They are located in Orlando, Florida, and have been in business since 1996. These guys have an amazing team, providing exceptional customer service to all of their clients. We have held multiple events in Orlando, many located at the Ultimate Auto shop. It is a beautiful facility and there is always some amazing project going on. In their showroom, they feature a variety of exotic cars that gather crowds at these events. We are grateful to work with such a strong team.

Luxury Shot

Directional Wheels

Beautiful CLS curves

Vossen CV-T

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The M4 Future….

BMW has released more details of the upcoming M3 and M4 and we decided to show a preview of the possible future with these renderings. This is the new M4 with a set of custom colored CV4 wheels with big brakes and some slight body adjustments. We can’t wait for this car to officially be sold here!

Rendering of the new BMW M4

This is one of the hottest new upcoming vehicles for 2014

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Vossen Apparel – Holiday Cheer Gear

Vossen strikes again, literally! Introducing new colors, tees, and winter gear. A new twist to our current clothing line, is the ¾ Sleeve Raglan Baseball Shirt. On the back of the shirt, #06 symbolizes the year that Vossen originated. Other new styles added to our collection include individual VVS wheels for Vossen owners who want to represent. There are a variety of colors for these shirts, available in our wheel designs, CV3, CV4, CV5, and CV7. A huge step we took towards expanding our apparel involves a new item, the Grey Authentic Sweatpants. They are fitted for both male and female, perfectly suiting the upcoming winter weather. Lastly, we strive to add newer, fresher colors to our clothing line. The Cranberry Scribble Team Vossen is a solid color, different than most of the gray scale colors we have previously done. The large sized “Team Vossen” hand lettering signifies owners who are proud to be part of the team. Also, our Neon Blue and Teal shirts were chosen to fit the in-style “sneakerheads”, a person who collects limited, rare, or exclusive kicks. A large portion of these shoes tend to be bright blue, yellow, or red, therefore, we aim to satisfy the different crowds who are a part of Team Vossen. Here are a few photos of the new styles. Visit the online Vossen Store for more photos and information!

3/4 sleeve Raglan Baseball Shirt

2006 – The beginning of Vossen

Brown CV-4 Team Vossen

Black Oversize CV-7

Grey Authentic Sweatpants

Cranberry Scribble Team Vossen

Bright Neon Blue Slap

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Simply Clean 5 Event Coverage By: Vossen Wheels

Simply Clean 5 turned out much better than we anticipated. Last year we invaded Simply Clean 4 for the first time and the Vossen presence was unbelievable, so we were very excited to return once again to Daytona Beach to visit and hangout with our friends/family. We arrived to Daytona around 2AM when we decided to setup our booths and get our cars prepped for the early morning. During the show, we had the pleasure to chat with many fans who we finally put a face to a name and talk one on one with future customers for a more personable experience. Overall, the crowd is amazing and we had a great lineup of Vossen cars parked with us to share the passion. Traveling together as a team with around 20 cars was a blast. After the event we all decided to drive to the beach where you can park on the sand to film and take photos before heading back home.

Enjoy the event coverage from Simply Clean 5 this past weekend from #Teamvossen in Daytona Beach, FL

Simply Clean 5 Event Coverage!

Sinister Challenger

Vossen Project F31 – Vossen X Statebicycleco

KDM Stanced

Struck by an Aston Martin on Vossen CV2s

Audi A7

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Vossen X State Bicycle Co. Collab

Vossen & State Bicycle Co. team up for joint release. Two companies at the forefront of their respective industries combine forces to bring one of the most exciting collaborations of the year. This Limited Edition release has only 50 bicycles available per style. Innovation meets quality craftsmanship with the new fixed-gear bike from Vossen and State Bicycle Co. The single speed bike maintains elegant design while ensuring a smooth riding experience. Beginners and die-hard “fixie” enthusiasts alike stand to appreciate the versatility, detail, and overall excellence of the product. Each aspect of the design is a direct reflection of the style and taste of team Vossen. From the color combinations to the custom illustrated camo patterns, we’re all about quality and style. Also, we have included a free Vossen x State Bicycle T-shirt with every order. Visit http://vossenwheels.com/statebike/ for more information, and here for a size chart.

Polar White

Black Camo

Red Camo

On the Road

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Beautiful Audi S6 on our new 22″ CV-T Wheels

Take a look at what we recently dressed up with our all new 22 inch Vossen CV-Ts! Audi has a prestiges lineup for 2013 and one of their sexiest sedans is this Audi S6 with a turbocharged V8 and factory air ride. Overall this is an amazing car and the exterior paint is extremely unique. Enjoy our latest CV-T video. Click on any photo to view the full gallery.

Choose Your Direction

Turbocharged V8

22×9 / 22×10.5

Classy Look

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Vossen Corvette Stingray Photo Shoot Released

Six weeks ago, we picked up the brand new 2014 Corvette Stingray as our newest addition to the Vossen Project Family. After spending a day at the Palm Beach International Raceway, we released a video teaser along with a few close-up photographs. Finally, we have our first full photo set done on the stunning Vossen Stingray. The photo setting is startling, taking place on a dark, gloomy day. At an abandoned location, the lifeless trailers with bold, black and white graffiti creates a sinister look for the Corvette. The enormous, dull colored tank train in the background enhances the C7′s glistening black paint and aggressive edges. This mean machine showcases our upcoming lightweight forged Vossen Precision Series wheel in a gloss graphite finish. Click the link below to view larger, high resolution photos. Special thanks to Howard and the Redline Motorsports team!

Flickr: VossenWheels’ Photostream

2014 Automobile of the Year

Lightweight and Forged

100% Built In House

An Exotic American

Vossen Precision Series

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The 2013 Vossen SEMA Experience: Private for SEMA, Public for You

SEMA is called by many to be the “world series” or the “super bowl” of the auto industry and with good reason. For decades auto related businesses around the world all come to Las Vegas for a week to present their absolute best, from new products and services to full blown over the top builds. One of the most important aspects of SEMA are the meetings with current clientele and customers as well as meeting and establishing relationships with new ones. This is a business trip after all, even if it is in Las Vegas! Thus we are proud to present our SEMA 2013 recap below;

The team at Vossen went through various proposals for our presentation and booth this year. The feeling was to create something different to year’s past and different to what everyone else has done at SEMA. Last year our booth was somewhat completely enclosed and the suggestion was made to maybe have a private booth. This way we could really take care of our wonderful customers and clients as well as make people feel “at home”. We felt there was power in providing people with a home-like setting instead of going with a larger booth.

This suggestion quickly gained steam that the booth was going to be private unless an appointment was made with us. There was some reservations to such a booth, from maybe upsetting some people to not having our new wheel lineup showcased for everyone to view. However, we felt strongly the pros outweighed the cons and moved forward with plans.

Furniture was selected for a comfortable yet business look and we decided to play our current videos on three large flat screens with a Bose surround sound system. It was then decided we would provide refreshments, snacks throughout the day including a fully staffed bar in the afternoon, as a way to say “thanks” to our loyal customers, clients, fans and friends that attended from all over the world. Finally we decided to have “wheatpaste” art on our exterior walls to give our booth an edgy, hip and completely different look to what anyone has ever done at SEMA before. We were excited but also nervous as you can imagine.

Most of the team landed Sunday to help put the booth together and some other team members came at various time during the week for their own meetings. One of the highlights was our warehouse manager was rewarded with a trip to SEMA for his efforts in our move to a new facility, his first time attending. You see this week is just as much about the people as it is about the cars. It is about friendships and relationships formed for decades or new ones that will eventually grow.

You might be wondering to yourself what about Vossen booth cars? Last year we shipped the Vossen Project Ferrari 458 Italia and the Mercedes Benz C63 Black Series. This year we decided not to ship any cars as we were fortunate enough to have a strong presence in multiple booths with Vossen equipped vehicles including Accuair’s S7, the Airrex booth with a wide body CTS-V and Ferrari 350 Modena as well as a 2014 Stingray in Toyo Tire’s booth.

One very exciting development was our first official project car from a manufacturer. We were chosen by Lexus to modify and present a new 2014 IS 350 F-sport at SEMA this year. After much debate we decided to repaint the car in Lexus LFA “pearl yellow” from its stock silver and to modify it with a Rowen bodykit by TommyKaira, RS-R Black-i coilovers, Brembo Brakes, Nitto Tires and our new CVT 20″ Directional Wheel. We worked closely with Rob and his team at Platinum Motorsport for this build and they did an incredible job with the vehicle.

We worked crazily trying to finish the booth up Monday night, leaving in the wee hours of the morning trying to perfect the wheat paste. Luckily there was a 7-11 across the street for us to get energy drinks, water and snacks and we even ordered pizza to the convention center. We decided late that night to improvise on the back wall adding by words that represent the Vossen brand.

The SEMA show officially opened on Tuesday and our booth was packed non-stop for the entire week. The feedback we got was overwhelmingly positive about our booth design and we heard it was coined “SEMA Oasis” by attendees. Inside we debuted our upcoming “Flow Form” Series and our latest editions to our upcoming Vossen Precision Series which included our first “full face” forged wheels. We also showcased our new CVT wheel for those that had not yet seen it in person.

The owners of Mondera Japan, Eccentrical from Switzerland and Rus Wheels from Russia spent most of the week with us as we all got to know one another better. The vibe in the booth was laid back yet effective and setting appointments really kept things more organized compared to years past. I think Captain Morgans and Coke was a favorite later in the afternoon. Didn’t hurt to have the Jaro Sisters as our booth models.

Friday is the most laid back day as most start to wear jeans and sneakers and it gives people a chance to walk around the huge convention center. A highlight was a meeting with the team at SpeedHunters and being presented a gift of their latest photo book #joyofmachine. Vossen had a good presence at SEMA with equipped vehicles outside and inside. Highlights outside were “GalvatronHemi’s” purple Challenger parked outside Central Hall where he drove from Long Island, New York to be at SEMA. AGAutomotive also showcased their latest updates on their project IS 350. Inside we had over a dozen vehicles in various booths representing #teamvossen including the Vossen Project IS 350 F-sport.

SEMA week is an exhausting week for sure and you better be prepared with lots of lotion, water and chapstick in the arid desert climate. Part of the team records for video and takes pictures for photography to share and it is a lot of walking with heavy equipment. After the doors close at 5pm, evenings are spent catching up with family on the east coast before hopping in the shower, changing and meeting up for business dinners. We spent our week at Encore at the Wynn which meant some also spent some time in the casino as well. Food choices were utterly superb in many reknown restaurants but on Friday most of the team craved an old fashioned hamburger and fries from IN and Out where we ate as we closed out our week.

The team at Vossen hopes you enjoy the video showing you the week from our eyes as well as our photography to bring you to our small home away from home at SEMA 2013.


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Vossen presents Lexus IS350 F-Sport at SEMA

This year at SEMA, Vossen introduced the new project Lexus IS350 F-Sport. A huge thanks to Platinum Motorsport: Auto Customization Boutique in Los Angeles, RS-R USA High Quality and Performance Suspension, Brembo Brakes, TommyKaira, and Nitto Tire Fueled by Enthusiasts. The stunning IS F-Sport is displayed in the Vossen Wheels Booth #38249 at SEMA in Las Vegas, Nevada.

For more information, visit Lexus USA Newsroom.

Tommy Kaira Full Aero Kit

LFA Inspired Pearl Yellow

Brembo High Performance GT Racing BBK Front and Rear

Tommy Kaira “Rowen” Titanium Quad Tip Catback Exhaust

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Nismo 370Z Slammed on Vossen CV-T

Vossen presents a one of a kind Nissan 370Z Nismo. This mean machine belongs to Dominic Lucci, known as @domlucci on Instagram. He has put an enormous amount of work into the Nismo, making it extremely noticeable on the road; especially with it’s unique Amuse Carbon Fiber Wing. It is slammed on BC Racing coilovers featuring Vossen CV-T in 20×10.5 all around for that dual deep concave look.

Full Nismo shoot at www.vossencvt.com

20×10.5 all around

Nismo Edition

Amuse Carbon Fiber Wing

BC Racing Coilovers

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Delivery of the Vossen Project S-Class

Last week, we welcomed the all new Mercedes-Benz S550 as our latest Vossen Project. We attended the S-Class Debut at the Mercedes Benz of Coral Gables, which turned out to be an incredible event. It was great to see the different Mercedes models and how phenomenal they all are. Most importantly, we are extremely thankful for the S-Class: The beginning of an amazing project.

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Vossen Attends Showdown in O-Town

Two weeks ago, Team Vossen took a road trip to Orlando, FL to attend the Lexus event “Showdown in O-Town.” There were a handful of events that weekend, Saturday took place at Ultimate Auto, and Sunday at the Lexus of Orlando. Ultimate Auto hosted the event in their parking lot, which held over 200 cars. They grilled BBQ, including hot dogs and hamburgers along with lemonade to keep everyone refreshed on the hot, sunny day. We set up our Vossen Booth at 11:00am, and by 1:00pm, the cars started rolling in. We brought Vossen “Swag” for everyone, including our catalogs, license plate frames, stickers, lanyards, wristbands, and iPhone cases. Later into the event, a huge crowd of people gathered in front of the shop awaiting the Vossen sponsored Bikini Contest. The models threw Vossen T-shirts and other items, as the crowd cheered loudly hoping to catch them. After the contest, the ladies took photos with many of the cars, as well as the owners. The next day, on Sunday October 20th, we attended the Lexus of Orlando Car Show. There were about 100 Lexus cars and a few other makes such as The Toyota Supra, Scion, and Infiniti. They had a VIP section in the lot that provided food and beverages. The music was awesome and kept the scene alive. There were contests, more Vossen give-aways, and one of the most intriguing additions to our booth was the new 2014 Lexus magazine “The Line” which features many photos of Lexus’ with our Vossen Wheels(Page 26-27). We were pleased to join Joel from Ultimate Auto and Lexus of Orlando for the phenomenal events. Special thank you to Daryl AKA Wringo for planning such an amazing weekend for Lexus Enthusiasts!

Lexus of Orlando

Toyota Supra

Ultimate Auto

Lexus IS on Vossen CV4′s

Team Vossen!

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Corvette Stingray features our Vossen Precision Series

You have all seen the teasers of our newest addition to the Vossen Family. We are honored to have this as our latest Vossen Project, the all new 2014 C7 Corvette Stingray. We are pleased to finally release the full video. On October 18th, our team spent the day at Palm Beach International Raceway (PBIR) along with our friends from Redline Motorsports. Featured on this C7 are 20″ and 21″ gloss graphite wheels from our upcoming line, The Vossen Precision Series. Photos from the shoot coming soon!

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Vossen Project – 2014 Mercedes Benz S550

Two days ago, we took delivery of the new Vossen Project 2014 S 550 at a launch event at Mercedes Benz of Coral Gables. We had a great time at the event and of course seeing all the new Mercedes models, in particular the new S-class. This was a special order with the hard to find rear seat package plus. It is also equipped with the Sport Package. The craftsmanship of this vehicle is utterly stunning. It seemed bespoke and at a level on par with a Rolls Royce or Bentley in regards to the interior. The materials are first rate and everything flowed pretty well including the huge dual screens up front. They seemed to frame them to look like an iPad including the rear screens so they seemed familiar. The graphics were also first rate and the Command system was pretty easy to use, the biggest issue was there seemed to be 800,000,000 ways to adjust everything! The rear seat package plus is really awesome and perfect for someone who rather be driven or wants their passengers in arguably the best rear seats around. This vehicle also has cooled rear cup holders and a fridge that seems to fit three wine bottles.

The vehicle of course has internet/wi-fi so it will be a perfect mobile office at car events. The seats have seemingly unlimited adjustments front and rear. Though unnecessary for Miami weather, the vehicle has a heated package and I believe including a heated armrest. The sport package includes a different front, rear, sides. We noticed a rear spoiler is a $500 option on another vehicle so we might add that later, it looked pretty good. Another odd thing is while this has the panoramic roof (and the front sunroof itself is just huge) the entire roof is not black, there is a decently wide strip in the rear the color of the car that we will wrap. We rode in it briefly (full driving review to come) and it felt like riding on a cloud, quiet and beyond comfy. Everyone who has seen the interior never fails to be blown away.

More to come soon!


Executive Rear Seat Package PLUS

S-class Debut Event at Mercedes Benz of Coral Gables

LED Taillamps

Handcrafted Cabin

Front and rear Remote Control

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Vossen CLS63 AMG Now Sitting on CV-T

Vossen Project Mercedes Benz CLS 63 AMG. We wanted to share our project with you and show the progress. This CLS63AMG has been one of the highlights from Vossen at every major show we attend. It is a pleasure to drive and the crowd seems to love it. This CLS has shown its beauty with our Matte Graphite CV3s/Graphite Machined CV4s/Graphite Machined CV7s/Silver Polished CV5s and now the all new Vossen CV-T. This CLS AMG shown is OEM Matte White, named “designo Magno Cashmere White” a rare choice among most vehicle colors. AMG 5.5 liter Bi-turbo engine with 518hp and a 0-60 time in the high 3/low 4 second range with the 1/4 mile in the low to mid 12 second range. It has a 7 speed AMG SpeedShift MCT Transmission with ECO Start/Stop (shifts are as fast as 100 milliseconds in the sport mode) with the AMG ride control Sport Suspension and AMG brakes 6 piston up front and 4 piston in the rear.

We hope you have enjoyed our Vossen Project CLS63 AMG! Now for the new twist…

Stunning AMG

It’s been a fun run with the Vossen CLS

Maybe GTHAUS in store next for this bad boy.

Mean Machine

Fantastic combo with the new Gloss Silver CV-T against the Matte White exterior

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Vossen’s End of Summer Apparel

We recently released another collection to expand our Vossen Store. The Infiniti T-Shirt is a hand-lettered style tee that was made to showcase our Infiniti G37s. It has a movie poster style, including an original image of an Infiniti, a city scape of Tokyo, and a combination of clouds and galaxies to illustrate a dynamic feel. We are excited to debut our first item with a modified car, and aim to establish a series for Vossen owners with other makes. The idea of a Team Vossen Snapback was introduced as an accessory to compliment our T-shirts. It is a 3D embroidery, stamped with an Authentic Vossen Logo. Lastly, our Ladies tanks are also hand-lettered items that add to our women’s collection. The blue racer-back is a soft, burned out material and the white tank-top is solid to fit any occasion. Check out the photos below and click on the image to be directed to our Vossen Store.


White Infiniti T-shirt

Mens Black Vossen Scribble / Team Vossen Snapback

Ladies Blue Scribble Repeat Racerback

Ladies White Scribble Repeat Tank

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“Nightwing” Lexus GS350 F-Sport

Vossen releases of one our personal favorite Lexus GS350 F-Sport’s. Our good friend George at Mr. Wheels recently installed his Accuair air suspension and Air Runner struts, along with a Lexon CF lip kit and the amazing Vossen CV-T’s. George is an avid supporter of Vossen Wheels, receiving his second set of Vossen’s just two weeks after purchasing his GS in May. He maintains a strong support system at his shop, Mr. Wheels, the number one seller of Vossen Wheels in Broward County. Brothers George and Elias started their business back in 2003 in Opa Locka, and recently re-located to Hollywood, FL. George aims to satisfy his customers with personal care, and will remain Vossen’s number one distributor in the area due to excellent customer service. Enjoy the footage below, and visit www.vossencvt.com for more information.


CF Lip kit by Lexon


F-Sport By Mr. Wheels

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“Amusing” BMW M3 Featuring Vossen CV-T’s

Here it is, the fantastic E92 BMW M3 modified to perfection. One of the highlights on this Bimmer other than the amazing all new staggered Vossen CV-T’s, is the one of a kind Amuse CF front end. Many additional upgrades include a GTHAUS GT2 Catback Exhaust and KW Variant 3 Coilovers. The dark scenery enhances the Silverstone colored BMW, making this video and photo-shoot come together very tastefully.

Visit www.vossencvt.com to view the full experience.

Amuse CF Front End

Lowered on KWV3 Coilovers

GTHAUS Catback Exhaust

Staggered Vossen CV-T’s

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Audi A7 Now on Vossen CV-T

Take a look at our Vossen Audi A7. We previously introduced our project A7 back in 2012 with the Silver Polished CV7′s, but now it’s time to add a new twisted look with our all new CV-T directional design. This A7 took an incredible turn, dropped n KW Variant 3 Coilovers, with 22×10.5 Front and Rear fitment. View the video shoot below, and click on any photo to view the full gallery.

Visit www.vossencvt.com for more information.

Excellent fit and finish

Dual Deep Concave

Clean A7

Dropped on KWV3 Coilovers

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2014 Lexus IS250 now on Vossen CV-T

Vossen introduces a new look to the 3IS F-Sport belonging to one of our team members. KJ, known as @Kdot_vossen decided to take a new direction with his all new Vossen CV-T’s. He installed RS-R Sports-i Coilovers to fulfill the “Stance” look and will have more mods coming in the future. KJ has been a Lexus enthusiast since 2010 and is on his third IS. He is one of the first to own an IS250 since the summer of 2013, claiming it to be “the best out of all thirteen cars I’ve had.” Previously the owner of a set of Polished then Graphite CV7′s, he admits that the current CV-T Wheels receives the most compliments. KJ is one of the founders of Lexus Boys and will remain loyal to his crew. Catch him at a local car meet or event.

Visit www.vossencvt.com for the full experience.

F: 20×9 / R:20×10.5

Ultra White

Choose your direction


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Our Vossen Q50S Takes A New Direction

The amazing Infiniti Q50S decided to go a new direction. The Vossen CVT’s give our Q50S a sharper look to compliment all the defined lines on this VQ powered sedan. One of the first to own a Q50, we introduced the Vossen project back in August with two different VVS models: Silver Polished CV5′s on one side, and Matte Graphite CV7′s on the other. It is fascinating to see the progression from when the car first arrived, to the image of it now. We hope you all enjoy it as well!

See the video below, and visit www.vossencvt.com for more information.

Fine Lines

The New Look

Staggered 20×9/20×10.5

VQ Powered

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Evil GT-R “Godzilla” on Vossen CV-T’s

The Nissan GT-R is a world-class supercar, designed with incredible power and high-speed capability. Vossen is honored to work with this solid red “Evil GT-R” representing the all new CVT Wheels. The polished design of the CVT’s, accents the bright red GT-R and its Brembo Gold Calipers.

Visit www.vossencvt.com to for the Full Experience.

AWD Motorsports

Red Hot

Over 600 AWHP

20×10.5 All Around

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F10 BMW 535i M-Sport on Vossen CV-T

Vossen presents a 2012 Alpine White F10. This incredible M-Sport features our new CV-T Wheels in Metallic Gloss Silver with 20×9 / 20×10.5 fitments. Lowered on KWV1 Coilovers, our friend, James McDonnell, has established the title “Not fair to all other F10′s” for his famous 5 Series. Other modifications include Burger Tuning Stage 2 JB4 and Intake, Dr Euro Downpipe, and a unique BMW Bike Rack.

Visit www.vossencvt.com to see more.

Directional Vossen CV-T’s

KWV1 Coilovers



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“All Wet” Mercedes-Benz SL550

A very sexy Mercedes SL550 now features our all new 20×9 / 20×10.5 Vossen CV-T’s in Metallic Gloss Silver. The sensuous edges of the Mercedes goes well with the defined spokes of the CVT. In the video below, a rainy day intensifies the aggressive look of the SL550. Enjoy!

Visit www.vossencvt.com for more information!

MB World


A Modern Design

Sexy drop

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“A New Twist” Infiniti G37S

Vossen presents a new and exciting look for the infamous 2013 Infiniti G37S. Diego has been a Nissan and Infiniti enthusiast for the past 8 years and came from a 2007 Nissan 370z to a 2008 Infiniti G37S. Six months ago, he picked up a brand new 2013 G37 Sport Coupe and since then, he has added the following parts along with the all new Vossen CV-T’s. Performance includes: Stillen Gen. 3 Cold Air Intake, GTHAUS Y-Pipe, GTHAUS Mid-Pipe, and GTHAUS Muffler. Diego has a huge passion for the automotive industry, attending every meet and event locally or even hours away. KW Suspension, GTHAUS, and Stillen are his three top companies because they fit his preference best, and pin-pointed exactly what he was looking for in terms of performance, sound, and quality suspension parts. Diego is a huge part of Team Vossen, and continues to support the G community.

Vossen CV-T – Metallic Gloss Silver
F: 20×10.5 +15 / R: 20×10.5 +15

Visit www.vossencvt.com for more information. Click on any image to view the full gallery.

20×10.5 up front

Dual Deep Concave

Beautiful Scenery

Vossen CV-T

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Vossen’s Latest Apparel

Vossen elevates the clothing line, releasing a variety of new men and women apparel. Our choice of new styles include graphic tees, tanks, and ladies crop tops. When choosing new items, our main goal is to make customers feel like they are part of the Vossen Family by providing apparel, accessories, and stickers. We focus on creating new styles that they would be proud to wear, which is a great way to express their love for being part of Team Vossen. Our team contributes creative skills to fulfill the fashion trends for those who attend car meets, as well as the “fashionistas” all around the world. The process we undergo in creating our apparel involves persistence, creativity, and teamwork. We brainstorm ideas and research our options as a team, then collaborate to select certain styles, materials, and colors. After discussing with vendors and manufacturers, we then have office critiques to share individual opinions in expanding our clothing line. We aim not only to satisfy our customers with clothing and accessories, but most importantly to emphasize that Vossen is a lifestyle.

Tee’s, tank tops, and crop tops

Vossen Wolfpack and Vossen Fox

Wolfpack and Fox Stickers

Team Vossen

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Bagged Hyundai Genesis 3.8 on Vossen CV-T

Today’s highlight is an Airrex Bagged Genesis Coupe on Vossen CV-T’s. This one of a kind Genesis has a mod list including AirRex Digital Air Suspension, Magnaflow CBE, Brembo Calipers Color Matched w/ Saddle interior, Gloss Black Roof/Grill, and a Custom Mount for AirRex Wireless Remote.

Hope you enjoy the video! Visit www.vossencvt.com for more information.

KDM Stance

3.8 Liter with a Magnaflow Catback


Metallic Gloss Silver

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Audi S5 Features The All New Vossen CV-T’s

The new feature for today introduces the 2013 Supercharged Audi S5 on the our dual directional Vossen CV-T’s.

Click on any photo to view the gallery.
Visit www.vossencvt.com for the full experience


Stunning Audi

Metallic Gloss Silver

Dual Directional CV-T’s

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Mustang GT 5.0 – Vossen CV-T

Round 2 of our new CV-T Line is introduced with a Mustang GT 5.0 track pack and a 1.5 inch drop all around featuring a staggered set of our directional designed Vossen CV-T’s. F: 20×9 / R: 20×10.5

Click on any photo to view the gallery. Hope you enjoy the video!
Please visit www.vossencvt.com for the full experience.

Directional Design

Track Pack lowered on Ford Racing K springs

Concave with some muscle

New finish in Metallic Gloss Silver

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BMW 335i CV-T Video Release

The magnificent, estoril blue BMW is the first of sixteen chosen cars to display our new Vossen CV-T wheels. This beautiful M-Sport is lowered on BC Racing Coilovers and belongs to Tom Barreiro, a loyal Team Vossen member. It is always a blessing to interact with our customers behind the scenes of each photo shoot, where we are able to learn more about them. For example, Tom is a member of the forum Floridabimmer.com. Our extraordinary, imaginative photographers dedicated one-hundred percent of their time and effort to create speculations into every single photograph. They focus on the outcome of each photo, striving to catch the viewer’s attention. In the photos below, the sharp twists and sleek metallic gloss silver wheels enhance the BMW’s elegant exterior.

Take a look at the first CV-T debut video, and click on any photo to view the full gallery.
Please visit www.vossencvt.com for more information.

A new twist to our CV line


Staggered 20×9/20×10.5

Metallic Gloss Silver

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Proud to Present The Fully Directional Vossen CV-T

We are proud to present the impressive, unexpected and fully directional Vossen CV-T. The CVT requires four molds, rather than the typical 1 or 2 molds for standard cast wheels. As a result, the wheels on the drivers side and passenger side of the vehicle twist towards the same direction, whether it’s a square or staggered fitment. The CV-T’s sleek, unconventional design sets it apart from virtually everything on the road. The CV-T is, to date, the Vossen brand’s magnum opus, a major achievement for the company as well as for the industry at large. The level of craftsmanship is a true testament to Vossen’s devotion to quality and innovation. The light-weight, low pressure cast wheel is available in a metallic gloss silver finish and is offered in 20″ diameters which will arrive on October 14th, and 22″ diameters which will arrive November 1st, 2013. The inventory is limited so be sure to contact your local authorized Vossen dealer to pre-order your set.

Check out the video release and click on any photo to view the full gallery.
Please visit www.vossencvt.com for more information.

Directional design




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The Ford Mustang Bullitt is a rarer version of the Mustang with multiple enchantments to separate it from the pack. This owner decided to take things to an even rarer air by adding a suspension to lower his car and our classic graphite CV3 wheels. They fit this dark green Bullitt’s profile perfectly sized 20×9 and 20×10.5 front and rear. Enjoy the pics below and click on any to see the full photoshoot.


Lovely side profile

Rear shot


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Vossen invades Importfest Toronto!

The highlight of the Vossen World Tour Toronto was “Importfest” held at the convention center in the heart of the city. Vossen has always been a stout supporter of this event over the years and for 2013 we made sure to personally attend to be a part of this incredible event ourselves. Well we were so impressed we will be back! The convention center had ample space and was a great place with its huge glass windows and sections for vendors and attendees. JRP was in the house as well as our friends at the Tire Connection with a Range Rover on CV1′s. This was an all day event and there was plenty of food, drinks and even slushies for people to snack on. From start to finish the event was jam packed with enthusiasts from all over Canada and even some from the states like ourselves.

We were pleased to have such a strong lineup of vehicles showing at Imporfest, from the famous matte red BMW 645 to the 370Z coined “MelloYellow” . As the day progressed we decided to have multiple giveaways for attendees and joined the DJ’s on the stage for some fun, passing out shirts, our skateboards and other goodies. Speaking of goodies, we brought the Vossen store with us to Toronto and it was jam packed with people eager to see the items in person.

As day become night, the show got “turnt up” with contests for the models in attendance, more music and a dimming of the lights for a club atmosphere. We had the pleasure of working with the Jaro Sisters in our booth and it seemed our location was a popular spot for all the models to take pictures and videos, it was interesting to say the least! What was even more interesting was mingling and meeting so many enthusiasts in Toronto and getting to know so many new faces and catching up with old ones. At the end of the night awards were presented and the bagged G37 with the teal CV7′s won “Best Wheels” of the show”!

We hope the video below makes you feel as if you were with us at Imporfest, the final video of the Vossen World Tour Toronto. Also scroll down to see some pictures of this incredible event and the vehicles there! Thank you Toronto and thank you to the team at Importfest for hosting such an amazing event.

The Importfest 645 in our booth

BMW Convertible 3 with CV2′s

Fun onstage

Winner of “Best Wheels” of the show

Angelo’s C-class

CV1 shining in the lights

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2014 Range Rover Sport | 22″ CV4

Our good pals at the Warren Henry Auto Group received one of the first new 2014 Range Rover Sport’s in the country and immediately gave us a call to give it the Vossen treatment.  When it arrived we instantly fell in love with the updated classic Range Rover look and the luxurious interior with seemingly every gadget in the book. This vehicle has a factory air suspension so we decided to put it at the lowest setting for our photo shoot. 22×10.5 Silver Polish CV4′s were chosen to give this new sport a nice luxurious touch. Check out the full gallery by clicking any of the pictures below.

The Vossen Treatment

2014 Range Rover Sport

22×10.5 CV4 in Silver Polish Finish

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CTS-V Coupe | CV7

The Cadillac CTS-V combines one of a kind styling with some amazing performance. This black coupe was looking for the Vossen treatment and received it with the addition of some 20×9 and 20×10.5 staggered matte graphite CV7′s. Now those lovely CTS-V fenders are filled with some serious concave wheels with stance to match. Check out the pictures and click any to see the full gallery of this sweet setup.

City Life

Sinister Setup

Art & Science

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Vossen “Pop Up Meet” Orlando! See you there today!

We literally decided on Thursday that Saturday in Orlando would be perfect for the next Vossen “Pop Up Meet”! We are bringing the new Vossen Project Q50 S and there will be some goodies handed out at our gracious host Ultimate Auto! All are welcome to attend, see the flyer for details and hope to see you there!


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Vossen World Tour Toronto Part I

The Vossen World Tour Toronto was one of the most fun this year. We have a huge number of supporters that came out in full force for the week we were there and this first video and photo gallery showcases some of these amazing people and some of the lovely scenery. We cannot say enough thanks to the Importfest crew who were amazing hosts as well as the team at JRP.

We were so excited to finally be able to show Toronto all the love it has shown us. Enjoy this first video showcasing not only some amazing Audi, Mercedes, Infiniti vehicles but the beautiufl Pfaff tuning shop and some sights of Toronto.

This amazing G37 won “Best Wheels” at Importfest

 Custom CV7s. This G37 also featured an Air Suspension.

Clean Audi with CV3 wheels

Another beautiful Audi Coupe with CV5′s

Beautiful Pfaff Building with a Beautiful Audi S5 on CV1′s. We will feature the Pfaff facility in the blog soon!

Audi S5 with CV7′s

Sinister E63 AMG 

Some beautiful Toronto Scenery

At work!

7 series with custom painted CV3′s. You likely notice the twin curvy buildings in the background, from what we were told they were designed to look like a woman’s body. No matter if you agree they were successful or not with the build, it is original and the team at Vossen loves originality.

We hope you enjoyed the first video from the Vossen World Tour Toronto and these photos.  You can see the full set at our Flickr gallery!

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Dela’s Genesis Coupe 2.0T “Track”

Roles reversed slightly as we put the spotlight on our head of videography, Dela and his Vossen Project build, his Hyundai Genesis “track” 2.0t. Stock, it is a great car but of course it had to get the Vossen treatment. Dela first chose a set of our Matte Graphite CV5 wheels in 20×9 and 20×10.5 sizes which really filled out the wheel wells. Our friends at RS-R were working on their new coil-over suspension system for the Genesis coupe and we are happy to debut it on Dela’s car, what perfect timing! When it came time to mount some serious rubber, we decided on Toyo Tires, the Extensa model in particular. You can see the effects in the video below!


As you can see, Dela’s Genesis now has a much meaner and aggressive appearance but with the RS-R coilovers, ride quality and handling have improved. The Toyo Tires gave this car much needed grip since Dela likes to have some fun! This combination really was exactly what Dela had in mind. Enjoy the pictures below and clicking any will take you to the full gallery.

Vossen | RS-R | Toyo

Sick Fitment


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Vossen Pop Up Meet | Miami

On August 4th, Vossen hosted its first “Pop up Meet” in conjuction with our friends from Blacklist on Instagram. What is was this meet about? We literally announced the meet Friday with the event planned for two days later! Yes it was kind of crazy but it was spontaneous, fun and original in the Vossen fashion. We decided we wanted a sick backdrop for the event and chose a parking lot across American Airlines Arena, home of the World Champion Miami Heat. The meet was open to anyone who could attend and we also made a nice Vossen section for all the owners where they also got treated to some free taco’s from the food truck there. In addition the first 100 attendees got some free Vossen swag and we also passed out some detailing products from Eagle One.

We had some great weather for the meet though it was hot! Over 300 cars showed up including over 100 #teamvossen cars!  So many amazing vehicles stopped by to show love, from old school low-riders to exotic cars. This is only the beginning of these “pop up” meets! Enjoy the pics below and follow us on instagram @Vossen to stay up to date on the next one!

Say Cheese!

American Airlines Arena in the background

View from above

Just chilling

All were invited!

#teamvossen chatting it up

“And I wipe my wheels like this”


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