Mike Forsythe

Vossen Marketing & Branding Director who loves talking about car culture with a specific background in Lexus ownership. Past vehicles have been featured on T.V, Magazines and SEMA with multiple car show wins for various awards.

  • Features / Vossen Forged / Sep 27 2016

    Camouflage Novitec Torado Lamborghini Aventador SV on Vossen Forged NV1 Wheels


    A lesson in how to make one of 500 one of a kind......enter this full Novitec Torado Lamborghini Aventador ...

  • Features / Vossen Forged / Sep 23 2016

    Prestige Wheel Centre’s Audi A7 on Vossen Forged VPS-307 Wheels


    Our United Kingdom Vossen Forged Distributor represents daily in their Audi A7 on Vossen Forged VPS-307 Whe...

  • Behind the Scenes / Events / Features / Sep 19 2016

    ImportFest 2016 x Toronto x Vossen Behind the Scenes


    The team at Vossen takes you behind the scenes through Toronto as we feature Importfest 2016, the biggest ...

  • Features / Sep 14 2016

    Cadillac CTS-V | Vossen VFS-5


    Cadillac's supercharged CTS-V gets the all new flow formed technology Vossen VFS-5 upgrade [embed]https:...

  • Features / Sep 12 2016

    The 2017 BMW M2 gets the Vossen Treatment


    The new 2017 BMW M2 has been getting rave reviews but it needs the Vossen VFS-1 treatment to look the part....

  • Dealer Spotlight / Features / Aug 30 2016

    Dealer Spotlight – Wheels Performance – Porsche GT4


    Get up close and personal with Wheels Performance, their inspiration, their story and their new Porsche GT4...

  • Features / Owner Spotlight / Aug 23 2016

    RS-R’s V-8 Powered Scion “Boss FR-S” | Vossen VFS-2


    RS-R ships their Scion FR-S to the East Coast where the team gets to personally inspect their Ford V-8 powe...

  • Features / Vossen Forged / Aug 22 2016

    Lexus RC F | Vossen Forged LC-107


    KJ's changes things up once again with the new Vossen Forged LC Series on his 2015 Lexus RC F. KJ (@...

  • Features / Aug 2 2016

    Vossen VFS-5 | Acura TLX


    Acura's Mike Chan updates the Acura of Pembroke Pines #project TLX with new Vossen VFS-5 Wheels [embed]htt...

  • Features / Aug 1 2016

    Vossen VFS-5 | Lexus RC F


    Lenny's Liquid Platinum Lexus RC F keeps the silver theme going on new flow formed VFS-6 Vossen Wheels.. ...

  • Features / Jul 29 2016

    Vossen VFS-5 | Nissan GTR Black Edition


    Our friend Fernando picks up one of our favorite cars, the legendary Nissan GT-R and gives it the VFS-5 tou...

  • Features / Jul 28 2016

    Vossen VFS-5 | Ford Mustang (S550)


    Krista's 2015 Ford Mustang on new Vossen VFS-5's redefines this classic combination. [embed]https://www.yo...

  • Features / Jul 27 2016

    Vossen VFS-5 | Mercedes Benz E63 S Wagon Renntech Stage III


    We start off VFS-5 week, the latest revolutionary flow-formed wheel from Vossen, with the one of a kind 850...

  • Features / Vossen Forged / Jul 12 2016

    Porsche GT4 on Vossen Forged LC-104


    The Porsche GT4 is one of the best driving cars on the road today which we can attest too with our latest p...

  • Features / Uncategorized / Vossen Forged / Jun 28 2016

    Airrex bagged Infiniti Q50 S on Vossen Forged LC-104


    Slammed on Airrex suspension, Eddie's Q50 S gets a big Red change to Vossen Forged LC Series Wheels... [...

  • Features / Vossen Forged / Jun 27 2016

    Butler Tire – Porsche 911 – Vossen Forged VPS-315


    Butler Tire in Atlanta must have read the "Scarlet Letter" recently going with this sick twist of traditio...

  • Features / Vossen Forged / Jun 22 2016

    Wayne’s World- Hyundai Genesis R-Spec on Vossen Forged LC-107


    Wayne upgrades from VFS-1's to new Vossen Forged LC-107 wheels with his Airrex equipped Genesis R-Spec. ...

  • Features / Vossen Forged / Jun 20 2016

    Lexus GS F #OMGSF x Vossen Forged x Tail of the Dragon


    Lexus Southern Area and Vossen team up once again to create this one of a kind Lexus GS F to slay the Tail ...

  • Features / Vossen Forged / Jun 17 2016

    Brian’s Roush Mustang is Back on Vossen Forged LC-102’s


    Brian and his badass Roush Mustang is back and this time he switches up to the all new Vossen Forged LC-102...

  • Features / Vossen Forged / Jun 16 2016

    Manny’s Lexus RC 350 on new LC-105t Vossen Forged Wheels


    Manny's slammed Lexus RC 350 F-Sport is the definition of "Far From Basic" sporting multiple upgrades &...

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