Sam Dobbins

Many years as an automotive photojournalist, with work published in countless worldwide publications, have led to Sam's role as Vossen's Creative Director, traveling around the world to document the culture of Vossen and its supporters.

  • Features / Vossen Forged / Vossen x Work Series / May 30 2017

    Aston Martin Racing Vantage GT3 and Roadster on Vossen Wheels


    Buried deep in the heart of industrial Tokyo resides Aston Martin Racing and ACR Performance, where amalgam...

  • Features / Vossen Forged / May 24 2017

    AH Exclusive’s Audi Q2 Challenge on Vossen Forged ML-R2 Wheels


    Two weeks ago, at Audi HQ in Ingolstadt, Germany, the three competitors of the Audi Q2 Challenge unveil...

  • Features / Vossen Forged / Apr 26 2017

    Rocket Bunny Mk7 GTI Widebody Duo


    After a grueling week in the endless halls of the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, we followed many years of traditi...

  • Features / Vossen Forged / Apr 18 2017

    Vossen Forged LC Series


    The Vossen Forged LC Series is aimed at emulating the lip transition of a multi-piece wheel while maintaini...

  • Features / Vossen3D / Mar 14 2017 Update: Lamborghini Centenario, Alfa Romeo Giulia, Rolls Royce Ghost and more!


    Vossen3D has just been updated with 10 more new cars, such as the all-new Alfa Romeo Giulia! Our real-t...

  • Vossen3D / Mar 6 2017 Car Configurator introduces the X6M, Accord, Panamera, G63, IS and more!


    The Vossen3D Virtual Garage is our all-new solution to 3D car configuration, providing real-time 3D car...

  • Features / Vossen Forged / Feb 3 2017

    2016 VW Passat R-Line on Vossen Forged Wheels and Accuair


    After seeing Volkswagen's demo cars at various events throughout the past decade, I've grown familiar ...

  • Events / Features / Dec 22 2016

    Vossen Europe at Essen Motor Show 2016


    Essen Motor Show, the mecca of automotive trade shows throughout Europe, takes place every November in Esse...

  • Behind the Scenes / Features / Vossen Forged / Dec 12 2016

    VW GTI RS in Performance VW Magazine – Behind-the-Scenes


    I've been shooting Volkswagens and Audis for Performance VW Magazine for many years—in fact, without ...

  • Behind the Scenes / Events / Features / Dec 8 2016

    Behind the Scenes: Vossen Japan 2016


    Traveling to Japan for Tokyo Auto Salon each January is a lot more involved than just hopping on a plan...

  • Events / Vossen Forged / Vossen x Work Series / Nov 28 2016

    The Vossen Private Gallery at SEMA 2016


    There was only one thing on our minds after SEMA 2015: How do we top the Vossen Sky Lounge for next yea...

  • Vossen x Work Series / Oct 18 2016

    Vossen x Work Collab – The VWS-3 Vossen 2-Piece Wheel


    The Vossen x Work VWS-3 is an updated two-piece approach to the minimal and classic five-spoke design tha...

  • Vossen x Work Series / Oct 18 2016

    Vossen x Work Collab – The VWS-2 Vossen 2-Piece Wheel


    The Vossen x Work VWS-2 wheel adds a mesh option to the two-piece welded offerings of the Vossen x Wor...

  • Vossen x Work Series / Oct 18 2016

    Vossen x Work Collab – The VWS-1 Vossen 2-Piece Wheel


    The Vossen x Work VWS-1 is the first in a trio of two-piece welded wheels. Designed and engineered in M...

  • Vossen x Work Series / Oct 17 2016

    Vossen x Work – The Collaboration


    In January 2015, after many years of mutual admiration, WORK and Vossen began discussions of a collaborat...

  • Events / Aug 26 2016

    Vossen x Thule at Waterfest 22


    Waterfest 22 was just that, a festival of watercooled VWs and Audis, with an emphasis on the water. Al...

  • Events / Aug 24 2016

    Vossen Malaysia Grand Opening – Authentic Wheel Centre


    The wheel industry has been plagued, particularly in recent years, by an insurgence of counterfeit products...

  • Events / Aug 17 2016

    Eurokracy 2016 Video


    The crew behind Eurokracy really  know how to produce a car show, as proven year after year. But what...

  • Features / Aug 16 2016

    VW Sciroccos on Vossen CVT and VLE-1 Wheels


    Not one, but two VW Sciroccos on Vossen CVT and VLE-1 Wheels popped up at the Vossen UK Owners Meet bac...

  • Press Releases / Vossen Forged / Aug 15 2016

    How It’s Made – Vossen Forged Wheels


    Blood, sweat, and tears, and three years later, the Vossen Forged Factory, based here in Miami, is complete...

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