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Event coverage, photos and videos. World Tours included.

  • Events / Features / Dec 22 2016

    Vossen Europe at Essen Motor Show 2016


    Essen Motor Show, the mecca of automotive trade shows throughout Europe, takes place every November in Esse...

  • Events / Features / Owners Meet / Dec 15 2016

    Vossen UK Owners Meet 2016 by Prestige Wheel Centre


    Highlights from the 2016 U.K Vossen Owners Meet hosted by Prestige Wheel Centre [embed]https://www.youtu...

  • Behind the Scenes / Events / Features / Dec 8 2016

    Behind the Scenes: Vossen Japan 2016


    Traveling to Japan for Tokyo Auto Salon each January is a lot more involved than just hopping on a plan...

  • Events / Vossen Forged / Vossen x Work Series / Nov 28 2016

    The Vossen Private Gallery at SEMA 2016


    There was only one thing on our minds after SEMA 2015: How do we top the Vossen Sky Lounge for next yea...

  • Behind the Scenes / Events / Features / Sep 19 2016

    ImportFest 2016 x Toronto x Vossen Behind the Scenes


    The team at Vossen takes you behind the scenes through Toronto as we feature Importfest 2016, the biggest ...

  • Events / Aug 26 2016

    Vossen x Thule at Waterfest 22


    Waterfest 22 was just that, a festival of watercooled VWs and Audis, with an emphasis on the water. Al...

  • Events / Aug 24 2016

    Vossen Malaysia Grand Opening – Authentic Wheel Centre


    The wheel industry has been plagued, particularly in recent years, by an insurgence of counterfeit products...

  • Events / Aug 17 2016

    Eurokracy 2016 Video


    The crew behind Eurokracy really  know how to produce a car show, as proven year after year. But what...

  • Events / Aug 12 2016

    Early Edition 2016 – Vossen UK


    If you're from the UK or ever flipped through the pages of Performance VW Magazine (@pvw_mag), you're ...

  • Events / Aug 3 2016

    Vossen Europe – Wörthersee 2016 Tour


    Another year, another Wörthersee. After traveling to the mountains of Austria for several years now, t...

  • Events / Features / Throwback Thursday / Jun 14 2016

    Vossen visits Formula Drift Orlando


    The squad at Vossen hits the next round of FormulaD in Orlando, "Unchartered Territory" with our friends at...

  • Events / Feb 16 2016

    Toyo Tires x Superstreet 2016 Calendar Launch


    Hey everyone, happy 2016! We know it was over a month ago now, but we've been slammed and playing catch...

  • Events / Feb 4 2016

    Vossen Japan Owners Meet 2016


    There's no better way to kick off a new year than a trip around the world for Tokyo Auto Salon and the Voss...

  • Events / Jan 15 2016

    Tokyo Auto Salon 2016


    We always look forward to Tokyo Auto Salon, but when we heard that we would be teaming up with our friends ...

  • Events / Features / Jan 8 2016

    The Vossen Sky Lounge


    With three new lines of wheels ready for debut, new additions to the VF Series and additions to the Vossen ...

  • Events / Features / Oct 14 2015

    Vossen Sky Lounge at SEMA 2015


    The Vossen Sky Lounge at SEMA 2015 will be home to Vossen’s biggest wheel unveiling in history. Join Team...

  • Events / Sep 1 2015

    Importfest 15


    Importfest 15 held true to its slogan, "Biggest and Baddest", in so many ways. We've been traveling to Toro...

  • Events / Vossen Forged / Aug 7 2015

    Vossen Forged Inaugural Tour


    Today we hosted our Vossen Forged Inaugural Tour. We've given private tours before, but this is the first t...

  • Events / Owners Meet / Jul 30 2015

    Importfest x Vossen Pop-up Meet


    On a beautiful summer day on July 26th, Team Importfest along with Vossen hosted its first “Pop-up Meet...

  • Events / Vossen Forged / Jul 25 2015

    The Road To Bimmerfest 2015


    The Road To Bimmerfest 2015 began as a last-minute, oh-sh!t type of predicament. Everything was going t...

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