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Vossen Forged
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Urban Automotive x Vossen Forged

Wörthersee 2017

Forged Modular Wheel Program

Japan Owners Meet 2017


Event coverage, photos and videos. World Tours included.

  • Events / Owners Meet / Jul 30 2015

    Importfest x Vossen Pop-up Meet


    On a beautiful summer day on July 26th, Team Importfest along with Vossen hosted its first “Pop-up Meet...

  • Events / Vossen Forged / Jul 25 2015

    The Road To Bimmerfest 2015


    The Road To Bimmerfest 2015 began as a last-minute, oh-sh!t type of predicament. Everything was going t...

  • Dealer Spotlight / Events / Owners Meet / Jul 9 2015

    Dealer Spotlight: Vossen UK Owners Meet 2015


    In April, as part of our travels to Wörthersee, we stopped off in the UK for a couple days to visit ou...

  • Events / Vossen World Tour / May 26 2015

    Worthersee 2015


    Wörthersee is the Mecca of VW events around the world. Cars and people travel hundreds, and in our cas...

  • Events / Features / Vossen Forged / May 23 2015

    Why Vossen Drove Over 2000 Miles to Bimmerfest


    Adversity, we have all faced it and you have the choice to run away or to conquer it. In this case, we deci...

  • Events / Apr 3 2015

    Miami Beach Concours


    It's no secret that Miami has a thriving exotic car scene. The Ferraris and Lamborghinis that you see r...

  • Events / Mar 31 2015

    Eurotripper 3


    We traveled across Florida, from Miami to Fort Myers, last month to attend Eurotripper 3. The third ann...

  • Events / Vossen World Tour / Mar 24 2015

    Tokyo Auto Salon 2015


    When we traveled to Japan in January to attend Tokyo Auto Salon 2015 we had only a rough idea of what t...

  • Events / Feb 4 2015

    Vossen Japan Owners Meet 2015


    If there's one thing that's quickly become a favorite tradition of ours, here at Vossen, it's the Monde...

  • Events / Nov 21 2014

    Japan Vossen Owners Meet (Autumn 2014)


    If there's anything we learned whilst traveling across the Pacific for the Mondera Japan Vossen Owners Meet...

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