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Vossen Forged LC Series


Vankulture x Toyota x Vossen BTS

Bagged Infiniti Q50 x Vossen Forged VPS-318

VW Passat R-Line

Press Releases

Press Releases

  • Press Releases / Vossen Forged / Aug 15 2016

    How It’s Made – Vossen Forged Wheels


    Blood, sweat, and tears, and three years later, the Vossen Forged Factory, based here in Miami, is complete...

  • Features / Press Releases / Jul 26 2016

    Introducing the Vossen VFS-5 Flow Formed Wheel


    A new staple in the Vossen VF Series, the VFS-5 is a split five-spoke design that, like the rest of the...

  • Features / Press Releases / Apr 15 2016

    The All-new Vossen VFS-6 Flow Formed Wheel


    The newest addition to the Vossen VF Series, the VFS-6 employs advanced flow forming technology to produc...

  • Press Releases / Vossen Forged / May 1 2015

    The Vossen Mercedes AMG GT S Build Week


    Well we are super excited to share these pics, as we just took delivery of the new Vossen Mercedes AMG GT S...

  • Press Releases / Apr 14 2014

    Alfonso’s Bagged S5


    When your love for automobiles has been so deeply rooted for the greater part of your life, that to leave a...

  • Press Releases / Jan 7 2013

    Protected: Vossen x Work Series Showcase


    All photographs on this page are for internal dealer use only, not to be shared with the public or any othe...

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