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  • Uncategorized / Oct 31 2013

    Nismo 370Z Slammed on Vossen CV-T


    Vossen presents a one of a kind Nissan 370Z Nismo. This mean machine belongs to Dominic Lucci, known as @do...

  • Uncategorized / Oct 30 2013

    Delivery of the Vossen Project S-Class


    Last week, we welcomed the all new Mercedes-Benz S550 as our latest Vossen Project. We attended the S-Class...

  • Uncategorized / Oct 29 2013

    Vossen Attends Showdown in O-Town


    Two weeks ago, Team Vossen took a road trip to Orlando, FL to attend the Lexus event "Showdown in O-Town." ...

  • Uncategorized / Oct 25 2013

    Corvette Stingray features our Vossen Precision Series


    You have all seen the teasers of our newest addition to the Vossen Family. We are honored to have this as o...

  • Uncategorized / Oct 24 2013

    Vossen Project – 2014 Mercedes Benz S550


    Two days ago, we took delivery of the new Vossen Project 2014 S 550 at a launch event at Mercedes Benz of C...

  • Uncategorized / Oct 23 2013

    Vossen CLS63 AMG Now Sitting on CV-T


    Vossen Project Mercedes Benz CLS 63 AMG. We wanted to share our project with you and show the progress. Thi...

  • Uncategorized / Oct 18 2013

    Vossen’s End of Summer Apparel


    We recently released another collection to expand our Vossen Store. The Infiniti T-Shirt is a hand-lettered...

  • Uncategorized / Oct 17 2013

    “Nightwing” Lexus GS350 F-Sport


    Vossen releases of one our personal favorite Lexus GS350 F-Sport's. Our good friend George at Mr. Wheels re...

  • Uncategorized / Oct 16 2013

    “Amusing” BMW M3 Featuring Vossen CV-T’s


    Here it is, the fantastic E92 BMW M3 modified to perfection. One of the highlights on this Bimmer other tha...

  • Uncategorized / Oct 15 2013

    Audi A7 Now on Vossen CV-T


    Take a look at our Vossen Audi A7. We previously introduced our project A7 back in 2012 with the Silver Pol...

  • Uncategorized / Oct 14 2013

    2014 Lexus IS250 now on Vossen CV-T


    Vossen introduces a new look to the 3IS F-Sport belonging to one of our team members. KJ, known as @Kdot_vo...

  • Uncategorized / Oct 13 2013

    Our Vossen Q50S Takes A New Direction


    The amazing Infiniti Q50S decided to go a new direction. The Vossen CVT's give our Q50S a sharper look to c...

  • Uncategorized / Oct 10 2013

    Evil GT-R “Godzilla” on Vossen CV-T’s


    The Nissan GT-R is a world-class supercar, designed with incredible power and high-speed capability. Vossen...

  • Uncategorized / Oct 9 2013

    F10 BMW 535i M-Sport on Vossen CV-T


    Vossen presents a 2012 Alpine White F10. This incredible M-Sport features our new CV-T Wheels in Metallic G...

  • Uncategorized / Oct 8 2013

    “All Wet” Mercedes-Benz SL550


    A very sexy Mercedes SL550 now features our all new 20x9 / 20x10.5 Vossen CV-T's in Metallic Gloss Silver. ...

  • Uncategorized / Oct 5 2013

    “A New Twist” Infiniti G37S


    Vossen presents a new and exciting look for the infamous 2013 Infiniti G37S. Diego has been a Nissan and In...

  • Uncategorized / Oct 4 2013

    Vossen’s Latest Apparel


    Vossen elevates the clothing line, releasing a variety of new men and women apparel. Our choice of new styl...

  • Uncategorized / Oct 3 2013

    Bagged Hyundai Genesis 3.8 on Vossen CV-T


    Today's highlight is an Airrex Bagged Genesis Coupe on Vossen CV-T's. This one of a kind Genesis has a mod ...

  • Uncategorized / Oct 2 2013

    Audi S5 Features The All New Vossen CV-T’s


    The new feature for today introduces the 2013 Supercharged Audi S5 on the our dual directional Vossen CV-T'...

  • Uncategorized / Oct 1 2013

    Mustang GT 5.0 – Vossen CV-T


    Round 2 of our new CV-T Line is introduced with a Mustang GT 5.0 track pack and a 1.5 inch drop all around ...

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