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Take it to the Max! Nissan Maxima x Vossen x Work

RS6 Inspired Audi A6 x Import Revolution - Vossen Forged VPS-318

Dodge SRT Charger Hellcat! Vossen x Work VWS-2

Turbocharged Ford Mustang x Vossen VFS-5

Back to Back BMW M3's..All New Vossen x Work VWS-2

Vossen Forged

  • Features / Vossen Forged / Jan 18 2017

    RS6 Inspired Audi A6 x Import Revolution – Vossen Forged VPS-318


    Good people bring good people together..enter Javier's bagged, widebody Audi A6 on Vossen Forged VPS-318's ...

  • Features / Vossen Forged / Dec 21 2016

    Ferrari 488 Spider on Vossen Forged VPS-302 Wheels


    We recently got our hands on the all new Ferrari 488 lowered on Novitec Springs rocking our VPS-302 wheels....

  • Behind the Scenes / Features / Vossen Forged / Dec 12 2016

    VW GTI RS in Performance VW Magazine – Behind-the-Scenes


    I've been shooting Volkswagens and Audis for Performance VW Magazine for many years—in fact, without ...

  • Events / Vossen Forged / Vossen x Work Series / Nov 28 2016

    The Vossen Private Gallery at SEMA 2016


    There was only one thing on our minds after SEMA 2015: How do we top the Vossen Sky Lounge for next yea...

  • Features / Vossen Forged / Nov 11 2016

    The First Rusted BMW i8 by MetroWrapz for Austin Mahone x Vossen Forged


    Always pushing the envelope, MetroWrapz installs the first rusted wrap on singing sensation Austin Mahone's...

  • Features / Vossen Forged / Oct 7 2016

    Fonzie’s Audi R8 V10 Plus on Vossen Forged CG-205 Wheels


    Before Fonzie stuns us with a new DipYourCar color, we feature his new Audi V-10 Plus on all new CG Series ...

  • Features / Vossen Forged / Vossen World Tour / Oct 5 2016

    Importfest x Vossen “Track Day” Toronto Motorsports Park


    For our final Importfest weekend act we have an epic drag & track day at Toronto Motorsports Park in th...

  • Features / Vossen Forged / Sep 27 2016

    Camouflage Novitec Torado Lamborghini Aventador SV on Vossen Forged NV1 Wheels


    A lesson in how to make one of 500 one of a kind......enter this full Novitec Torado Lamborghini Aventador ...

  • Features / Vossen Forged / Sep 23 2016

    Prestige Wheel Centre’s Audi A7 on Vossen Forged VPS-307 Wheels


    Our United Kingdom Vossen Forged Distributor represents daily in their Audi A7 on Vossen Forged VPS-307 Whe...

  • Features / Vossen Forged / Aug 22 2016

    Lexus RC F | Vossen Forged LC-107


    KJ's changes things up once again with the new Vossen Forged LC Series on his 2015 Lexus RC F. KJ (@...

  • Press Releases / Vossen Forged / Aug 15 2016

    How It’s Made – Vossen Forged Wheels


    Blood, sweat, and tears, and three years later, the Vossen Forged Factory, based here in Miami, is complete...

  • Features / Vossen Forged / Aug 5 2016

    BMW F80 M3 on Vossen Forged VPS-314T Wheels


    Yas Marina Blue might just be one of the best OEM paint colors in recent years, and I think I can speak...

  • Features / Vossen Forged / Aug 4 2016

    Heidegger BMW i8 on Vossen Forged VPS-305T Wheels


    Hiding in the showroom of Heidegger BMW in Treisen, Liechtenstein, we found this wildly-wrapped BMW i8,...

  • Features / Vossen Forged / Aug 3 2016

    Audi B8 A4 Avant on Vossen Forged LC-106T Wheels


      One of our favorites from the weekend, majorly due to the color combination at play, was Claudio'...

  • Features / Vossen Forged / Aug 3 2016

    Audi RS6 on Vossen Forged VPS-307 Wheels


    I've always been a huge fan of the thorough approach to accent colors, and Jan Federmann's RS6 is one of th...

  • Features / Vossen Forged / Aug 3 2016

    VW T6 AIRBUS on Vossen Forged LC-103 Wheels


    The VW Transporter has been the tool of wilderness fans and campers worldwide for decades now. From the ear...

  • Features / Vossen Forged / Aug 3 2016

    Cherry 7 Down Mk7 VW Sportwagen on Vossen Forged LC-105T Wheels


    One of the most recognizable cars of Wörthersee 2015 was definite the 7 Down Mk7 Golf R on Vossen VLE-1s. ...

  • Features / Vossen Forged / Jul 12 2016

    Porsche GT4 on Vossen Forged LC-104


    The Porsche GT4 is one of the best driving cars on the road today which we can attest too with our latest p...

  • Features / Vossen Forged / Jul 11 2016

    Mk7 VW GTI on Vossen Forged LC-106T Wheels


    "How did you get a Toffee Brown Mk7?" and "Is that paint?" are easily the two most common questions I'...

  • Features / Vossen Forged / Jul 5 2016

    Hamana Japan Mercedes-AMG GT S on Vossen Forged VPS-314T Wheels


    Upon first glance Hamana Japan's Mercedes-AMG GT S could be easily mistaken as any other—sleek and e...

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