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Vossen Forged

  • Behind the Scenes / Vossen Forged / May 26 2016

    Novitec x Vossen Aventador SV – Behind the Scenes with Philipp Rupprecht


    The Novitec Lamborghini Aventador SV and its NV1 forged wheel is easily one of the most exciting projec...

  • Vossen Forged / May 11 2016

    JM Lexus Murders Out the all new Lexus LX


    Wheeltec, JM Lexus & JM Custom Creations adds a very dark touch to the already sinister all new Lexus L...

  • Features / Vossen Forged / May 4 2016

    Austin Mahone’s “Iron Man” BMW i8 on Vossen Forged


    Back with another hit single, Austin brings some serious heat with his modified BMW i8 featuring our Vossen...

  • Vossen Forged / Apr 8 2016

    Autoflex Porsche 911 Turbo S featuring Vossen Forged


    After seeing the amazing Autoflex peel-able paint on Fonzie's Turbo, we decided to have some fun producing ...

  • Vossen Forged / Apr 5 2016

    Auto Kitchen Aventador LP-720 on VPS-302 Forged Wheels


    Buried deep in heart of Shenzhen City, China, is Auto Kitchen, an exotic performance shop and Vossen F...

  • Vossen Forged / Apr 4 2016

    Widebody AMG GTS by PRIOR-DESIGN on Vossen Forged


    The Mercedes-Benz AMG GT-S not aggressive enough? Enter PRIOR DESIGN & Vossen Forged Wheels. PRI...

  • Vossen Forged / Mar 28 2016

    Ferrari F12 featuring Vossen Forged VPS-307


    This breathtaking Ferrari F12 looks even more purposeful on a set of Vossen Forged : Precision Series Wheel...

  • Features / Vossen Forged / Mar 27 2016

    Audi Q3 on new Vossen Forged LC-101 Wheels


    Representing Romania, this beautiful Blue Audi Q3 gets the Vossen Forged Treatment with new LC-101 wheels. ...

  • Features / Vossen Forged / Mar 2 2016

    TNP Performance Audi R8 x McLaren MP4-12C


    Everything in China moves so fast. The cars, the traffic, the people, even the elderly—it's a constant st...

  • Features / Vossen Forged / Dec 21 2015

    Camaro SS 1LE on Vossen Forged VPS-307T


    Nick drives from Tampa to Miami to bring his Camaro SS for his personal Vossen Forged Factory Tour & hi...

  • Features / Throwback Thursday / Vossen Forged / Dec 17 2015

    TBT- The Vossen Mercedes-Benz C63 Black Series Track Edition


    We introduce our rendition of "Throwback Thursday" where we will feature older generation cars on Vossen Wh...

  • Features / Owner Spotlight / Vossen Forged / Dec 16 2015

    Daily Driven Lexus LFA on Vossen Forged


    PCNY modifies a daily driven Lexus LFA with over 30,000 miles on the odometer on our Vossen Forged VPS-305T...

  • Features / Vossen Forged / Nov 30 2015

    RWD Nissan GTR on Vossen Forged Wheels


    Pearls & Pigments RWD GT-R comes back to Miami with new Autoflex peel-able paint and Vossen Forged Whee...

  • Features / Vossen Forged / Nov 25 2015

    ITSWHITENOISE Porsche 991 GT3 RS & GT4


    It takes the quickest of glances at Porsche's catalog to realize something: Porsche's current offerings are...

  • Features / Vossen Forged / Nov 20 2015

    Chevy Z06 rocking Vossen Forged VPS-307 Wheels


    Our friends at TR3Performance give their Z06 the proper upgrade with our Vossen Forged VPS-307 Wheels. [em...

  • Features / Vossen Forged / Nov 16 2015

    Mercedes-Benz S65 on Vossen Forged


    The ultimate expression of the S-class, the ridiculously powerful V-12 biturbo Mercedes-Benz AMG S65 pairs ...

  • Features / Vossen Forged / Oct 30 2015

    Accuair Ford Mustang on Vossen Wheels at SEMA


    Brian's 2015 Ford Mustang GT, outfitted with Accuair's eLevel management with struts provided by Bagrid...

  • Features / Vossen Forged / Oct 28 2015

    Vossen BMW Widebody by Prior Design


      As the days dwindle down to SEMA, we are getting more and more excited to debut our new wheel...

  • Features / Vossen Forged / Oct 21 2015

    Vossen Bespoke Design Program: LaFerrari Forged Wheels


    What if 1 of 499 just isn't exclusive enough? What if "Ferrari's Most Ambitious Project" isn't unique eno...

  • Features / Vossen Forged / Oct 16 2015

    Diego’s Nissan GT-R on Vossen Forged VPS-310


    We promised our friend, Vivian Chau (@vchau), a ride in Diego's (@diego_vossen) Nissan GT-R on Vossen F...

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