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The M4 Future….

BMW has released more details of the upcoming M3 and M4 and we decided to show a preview of the possible fu...

 December 11, 2013

2014 Range Rover Sport | 22″ CV4

Our good pals at the Warren Henry Auto Group received one of the first new 2014 Range Rover Sport's in the ...

 September 5, 2013

CTS-V Coupe | CV7

The Cadillac CTS-V combines one of a kind styling with some amazing performance. This black coupe was looki...

 September 2, 2013

Behind the Scenes | Vossen Vixens

Here is a short clip with some lovely Vossen Vixens having some fun in our women's apparel available in our...

 May 31, 2013

BMW M3 attacks the Mountains!

Clifford Sutrisno is known as one of the hottest photographers right now and we are happy to work with him ...

 March 25, 2013

Blue Magic!! Lexus IS F | Vossen CV7s

The 5.0 V-8 Lexus IS F took the fight directly to the Germans with the 416hp IS F back in 2008. Today it st...

 March 5, 2013

Vossen World Tour Part IV | Beijing, China

Part IV of our Vossen World Tour | Asia was to showcase #teamvossen of Beijing! We were welcomed very warml...

 January 31, 2013

Happy New Year!! Audi R8 | 20″ Vossen CV4′s

Well everyone we just wanted to quickly say THANK YOU for all your support in 2012. It was a long, challeng...

 December 31, 2012

Vossen Precision Series | “The Beginning”

Witness the birth of the Vossen Precision Series, the new lightweight forged wheels from Vossen. We debuted...

 November 27, 2012

EPIC ORANGE! Vossen G37s | CV7 | Superior Auto Design

We are very excited to present "EPIC ORANGE"!! This is Diego's VossenG37s and he wanted to do something cra...

 September 24, 2012

“Who’s the Boss”? Ford Mustang Boss 302 | New Vossen CV5

The factory tuned and powerful Ford Mustang Boss 302 features a 444hp engine with factory wheels measuring ...

 August 17, 2012

“Nip Tuck TL” | Acura TL | Vossen CV3 | Concave 20×10.5

Stanced out cars are the current popular theme and trend for many people who modify their cars as is the ca...

 August 2, 2012

“WhiteOut”! | Infiniti G37| New CV7 | 20″ Concave Wheels

We are very excited to share this new video and photoshoot with our new CV7 wheel. First watch the video be...

 July 24, 2012

“IS the CV7 Reppin”!! Lexus IS 350 | New 20″ CV7 | Matte Graphite Machined

We are happy to debut this new video showcasing the new Vossen CV7! Featuring our trendsetting concave whee...

 July 16, 2012

New Video!! | New CV4 20″ Concave Wheels| 2013 Vossen Project GS | the “Clearport”!!

Here is the first full video featuring the 2013 Vossen Project GS! Featuring the new CV4 wheels in matte gr...

 July 12, 2012

“Blue Magic”!! Dopest Accord around! New Vossen CV5 | Bagged Accord Coupe

This Honda Accord Coupe previously made waves as being the first to put 20x10.5 Vossen Concave CV3s front a...

 July 7, 2012

“Out of this World Mercury IS F’” | Vossen Video-IS F | 20″ CV3s

Its always great to give an auto forum member some well deserved shine! Check out the video below featuring...

 July 5, 2012

“G’s up”!! New Vossen CV5′s | Infiniti G37 coupe

The Infiniti G37 coupe and Vossen have a great relationship as our CV series matches perfectly with the gre...

 July 3, 2012

“Right in time for Summertime” Audi S5 Convertible | 20×10.5 all around Vossen CV3′s

This incredible Audi S5 was actually shared with us on our Facebook page and the owner was awesome enough t...

 June 20, 2012

“X-traordinary X6″ Modified BMW X6 | New 22″ Vossen CV3′s

The BMW X6 is a very different vehicle that leans more toward sport in the SUV game. Some people want to ta...

 May 30, 2012