Vossen x Work Series

Vossen x Work Collab – The VWS-1 Vossen 2-Piece Wheel

October 18, 2016 / by Sam Dobbins

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The Vossen x Work VWS-1 is the first in a trio of two-piece welded wheels. Designed and engineered in Miami, Florida and manufactured in Osaka, Japan, the Vossen x Work Series blends Vossen’s unique styling with WORK’s proprietary two-piece welding process, yielding nearly infinite fitment and finishing options.

vxw-standard-options-web-banner-vws-1-gunmetal vxw-standard-options-web-banner-vws-1-silver

barrel-types-banner custom-finishes-centers custom-finishes-barrels assembly-configurations


About the Author

Sam Dobbins

Many years as an automotive photojournalist, with work published in countless worldwide publications, have led to Sam's role as Vossen's Creative Director, traveling around the world to document the culture of Vossen and its supporters.

  • phunky01

    First off I’d like to say great introduction to this new line and congratulations on a successful collabo between the two companies. A quick question, I’m planning to put my order in for the VWS-1 with a step lip in mid December so that I can hopefully have the set of wheels by the end of winter or early spring. Looking at the photos/renderings you have above I’m trying to distinguish between the gloss silver and hyper silver colors. I’m planning on getting the polished barrel with either center. Can you say when you’ll have a better photo of the two on your website. As always keep making awesome wheels and great videos, thank you for your response in advance.

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