Vossen x Work Series

Vossen x Work – The Collaboration

October 17, 2016 / by Sam Dobbins

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In January 2015, after many years of mutual admiration, WORK and Vossen began discussions of a collaborative range of wheels, designed and engineered in Miami by Vossen and manufactured in Japan by WORK. After many trips between Miami and Osaka ensued, Vossen learned more about WORK’s manufacturing techniques and capabilities. WORK’s two-piece welded configuration was selected as a foundation for the all-new Vossen x Work Series, and the design process began.


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About the Author

Sam Dobbins

Many years as an automotive photojournalist, with work published in countless worldwide publications, have led to Sam's role as Vossen's Creative Director, traveling around the world to document the culture of Vossen and its supporters.

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